My name is Angèle and I come from France. I am the muse for many early 20th-century painters and artists. I am a free, independent woman with a strong personality. I profess carefree living and mischievousness, elegance and good taste, charisma and joie de vivre. I love travelling, discovering, and sharing. My wines reflect my personality - they are accessible, expressive and fruity, utterly luscious. Full-bodied reds with delicious flavours and aromas, delectable whites, and a fresh, fruity rosé.


From Coco Chanel to the Ziegfeld Girls, I symbolize the roaring twenties, which got women’s emancipation underway. I am the symbol of an era in which alcohol was prohibited... what a shame! You can’t compare nice wine to be savoured to adulterated whisky! I am just as at home eating lunch under the pine trees as at a seaside aperitif or a romantic dinner.


Here is my nice little selection: seven grape varieties lovingly selected from the vineyards of France, vinified according to a rigorous process and aged for several months. Each bottle offers you the possibility of choosing just the right moment to enjoy it. A rich, complex red for a snowy day, a fresh, fruity white when spring finally arrives, a floral rosé for when the sun is shining.


I’m talking about the Roaring Twenties, a time when we danced the Charleston in short skirts, when we paraded around in alluring outfits, when we smoked like chimneys. Above all, those were the years that contributed to women having their say, gaining more equality. My universe allows you to enter that golden era that is still so alive. Though it was 100 years ago, are things really so different today?


My wines extol elegance in any situation, bring magic to moments shared with friends and family, and exude joie de vivre too, because without that, how bored we would be! I appeal to women who have good taste and a love of beautiful things such as I do, and those who cultivate a lifestyle in which tradition mingles with modernity. And yes, I also do like to stir things up … Enjoy!

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